Living Waters Farm Leadership Retreat 2018

Join us for the 3rd Annual Living Waters Farm Event on October 5th (***Important Change re Oct 5th***SEE ANNOUNCEMENT BELOW), 6th & 7th!   Come rain or shine, we'll enjoy gathering together for business AND spritiaul training at this "old farm in Virginia. 


The Living Waters Farm Event is often referred to as a "Leadership Retreat".  A retreat isn't all play and no work!  A retreat is a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle, to refresh and revive AND to get recharged and (re)trained for the next seaon in your business!  There is no other event like this one.  If you've never's time!  


NOTE:  October 5th was slated to be a Ladies Event as it was in the past, but it has been revamped this year after learning that Tamia Williams cannot make it to the farm as planned.  NOW it is open to women AND men and the Session is Entitled "For the Greater Green".  Attendees will learn about what role we play in worldwide environmental issues...we're either part of the problem OR part of the solution!  We have water covered, and NOW it's time for food.  You will learn how to build your very own HOME HYDRO SYTEM so that you can grow healthy food in the corner of a room (or other space) all year long!  This is event is OPEN TO ALL (including the public) and it requires a separate ticket purchase in the amount of $25.00



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Living Waters Farm Leadership Retreat 2018
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